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Patch Notes

The community version is live :
You have 2 ways for using the new version.

Anonymous Version

Add Blueprint

Now you can share a blueprint with some optional settings:

  • exposure: choose public if your blueprint will be visible on the home page, last blueprints, search pages and anonymous profile OTHERWISE choose unlisted
  • expiration: delay before delete blueprint or not
  • version: which Unreal Engine version the blueprint works on

View Blueprint

Copy the blueprint code.
Embed the blueprint in iframe.

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See member profile, informations and their public blueprints.


Search by tags and / or terms in public blueprints.

Member Version

Sign-up / Sign-in with an username or with Facebook/Twitter/Google.Add Blueprint

Choose a private exposure, only you will be able to view blueprint.

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Rate blueprints.
Add and Reply comments.

Edit Blueprint

Rename Blueprint.
Add tags.
Add description (wysiwyg).
Add video from Youtube or Vimeo or Dailymotion.
Add thumbnail for lists view.
Make a new version of the blueprint and see all the past versions (embed too the blueprint version you want).
Change exposure and version settings.
Close or Hide or Open Comments.

Delete Blueprint

Choose to give blueprint to anonymous user (it will keep content, properties and exposure).
Delete blueprint

View Profile

On your profile, you see your private blueprints too.

Edit Profile

Add informations about accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Livecoding, Twitch, Youtube, Github, Profile Unreal Engine Forum, Chat Unreal Engine, Website, Description.
Add your avatar.

Delete Profile

If you delete your profile, you will lose points given on blueprints.
Choose to give blueprints to anonymous user (it will keep content, properties and exposure).
Choose to keep your name in comments.

Nota Bene

All the old blueprints pasted before the new version has those settings now:

  • exposure: unlisted
  • expiration: never
  • version: Unreal Engine version 4.5

The new version was coded in live on my livecoding channel:

  • viewport moved to the farest node and not stay to origin 0
  • viewport have 50 pixels of decal after render
  • reset viewport button set viewport ┬áto the farest node